Sunday, September 28, 2008


The Bihar is off the national media's radar. The flood is no more the concern of the people and government of India. The Mehrauli blast is now more important. That's how press has worked which has become worse with electronic media. The news memory is till the next news. And after Bihar flood it may be the Mehrauli blast. So from one flood to another blast, tragedies are forgotten. Millions of human beings who have lost all their possessions and have not got even one implements to do agriculture and lost men/women and children and cattle are supposed to stand on their won feet!
I now know what is being like a poor state person! We just don't make a good story! Millions of poor and displaced people with little belonging and unfortunately not a very high mortality in Bihar has dampened the welfare and charity affairs. The daily does of miserable pictures and horror stories of human suffering is missing. And the public sympathy and government action matches the pathos shown by popular media. What if people suffer! They don't make a good copy.
Cry my beloved Bihar cry!

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